August 19, 2021
by dhoytt
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More Garden Themed Dishes

This is just some pictures with short captions of what’s going of how I include my garden in what I eat the past few weeks. Eating these veggies is hat my body asks for when i’m getting into my workouts. … Continue reading Continue reading

July 5, 2021
by dhoytt
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Utilizing Garden Produce

The utilization of all that great produce from your garden is why you gothrough the trouble of growing a garden in the first place. Once thatproduction of food stops you long for that season to begin again so you do … Continue reading Continue reading

March 30, 2021
by dhoytt
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2021 Vegetable Garden Comes out of Cocoon

Off to a later start than I would have liked for my vegetable garden but hey a lot’s going on right now but it has started! Friday I took stock of what was needed and formulated a plan, Friday night … Continue reading Continue reading

May 24, 2020
by dhoytt
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Early Morning Gardening Complete

Did some early morning gardening keeping the grasses and weeds in check after I cleaned my grills and threw some meats on the Traeger smoker. It’s amazing all the little grasses that come up weekly. The grass and weeds most … Continue reading Continue reading