Vegetable Garden 2024 Spring


The vegetable garden is in motion this 2024 year! I had to scalp the top soil about 4 inches deep to get the clumps of weeds out of the garden. Had about 300 lbs of debris in the yard waste can 2 weeks in a row.

Then ended up getting some compost and new top soil to mix in then mixed in with the rototiller. The dry top soil let my feet sink in about 8 inches right after tilling the soil .

I planted big beef, early girl, cherry, and yellow pear tomatoes. Planted zucchini and crook necked squash, Japanese long cucumbers , eggplants, cabbage and Swiss chard. Added peppers like jalapeño, habanero, Fresno and poblano . Other plants, garden beans, romaine lettuce, herbs like purple basil, sweet basil, cilantro, French tarragon, and fennel.

Did dense seed plantings of collard greens, garden beans, peas, sugar pod snow peas, arugula, romaine lettuce, okra, green bunch onions, scarlet antes carrots, and beets.

I’ll add a few other veggies as I go and I always have my raspberry and grape vines as well.

This year the dense planting without rows will be different. I have gone without rows before but never purposely planted seeds densely. Going to be very interesting.

I intend to go almost purely with low lying bubblers on my drip system I already have in place for the vegetable garden and the flower garden. I actually the flower garden ready before the vegetable gardens. The vegetable garden gets the attention because it’s more work.

Garden is wild on the west of yard.
Wild garden on East of the yard.
Yard waste full to the top with top soil intertwined with weeds.
How I had to “scalp” the top soil down 3 to 4 inches to get the root of the weeds.
West garden after pulling weeds and tilling.
East garden after tilling and trimming rosemary bush.
West garden ready!
East garden ready.

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