I updated the overall dhoytt.com ssl certificates as well as the ssl certificate associated with streams embedded in the site. If your are using a player that is secure just point to the streams and most will prompt you to update the cert or just update it.

Here’s a list of my streams and bitrates you can place in you media players or click on and it may play if you have a compatible media player or browser:

You can also look on my Now Playing Page https://dhoytt.com/snake-ice-radio-blog/now-playing/ for the following media players to listen. There may be a slight delay before they start playing of several seconds especially for the IceCast relay media players embedded on the site.

Listen 320kbps ShoutCast Listen 192kbps ShoutCast Listen 128kbps ShoutCast Listen 64kbps ShoutCast Listen 320kbps IceCast Listen 160kbps IceCast Listen 128kbps IceCast Listen 64kbps IceCast