More Garden Themed Dishes


This is just some pictures with short captions of what’s going of how I include my garden in what I eat the past few weeks. Eating these veggies is hat my body asks for when i’m getting into my workouts. When I smoke thee meats ?I normally eat of of what I smoked for 4 or 5 days with some dished overlapping for variety.

I even threw in some pictures of my maintenance of my watering drip system I built over 15 years ago by myself for my gardens. I always make things for minimal work if I have to perform maintenance it it paid off as I was able to make a quick replacement of pipes with ease.

Variety of tomatoes with jalapeno peppers, basil and tarragon with homemade I originally had left over from some wings with a sesame theme.
Burgers with Beek eater tomatoes and swiss chard from the garden.

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