Utilizing Garden Produce


The utilization of all that great produce from your garden is why you go through the trouble of growing a garden in the first place. Once that production of food stops you long for that season to begin again so you do not have to make trips to the store for fresh vegetables. Here below you can see me frying squash, Lemon boy and cherry tomatoes. I tried lightly battered and egg batter to find my preference was lightly battered fried vegetables not double dipped in egg batter.  I made some salsa numerous times as you can dress up many dishes with salsa as well as use as dips for chips as you watch TV. I made a salad of squash, cucumber, Swiss chard, lemon boy, black pearl, yellow pear beef eater and early girl tomatoes. I added in some sweet onions, mushrooms not from the garden and then basil, rosemary, tarragon and chives from the garden. I then put some salmon over the salad and dressed it with white balsamic dressing. Another way I always utilize my garden produce is making teas and today I gathered up my herbs of mint, basil, sage, lemon thyme, rosemary, I forgot my stevia this time, but it still came out just fine. I had the tea a little warm and put the rest into a container in the refrigerator and will in indulge in that tea for a few days. That nice clean refreshing taste is something I long for now. There are so many ways to use what I have in the garden, and I still have not even made the pizza sauce as I did last year or used my food storage device. Today I had my first cucumbers of the season and habanero peppers as well. The habanero peppers kicked the salsa up a few notches with the jalapeno and serrano peppers and the cucumbers were refreshing with the salad.

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