December 6, 2022
by dhoytt
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Cooking Journey

A cooking journey for the past month. Beef shanks mid-November, Thanksgiving juicy tender brisket and smoked Turkey. Monday red pepper/honey wings.
Then reached into the freezer for vacuum packed pulled pork (tasted like I just cooked it after boiling the bag and opening)from February 2 2022 and made soup today with late squash and herbs from the garden. Perfect for the cold weather. Was feeling picky about what I wanted to eat.

This is a repost from my Facebook page to test my updated WordPress mobile app and site.

Beef shanks with vegetables.
Hot wings.
Vacuum sealed pulled pork.
Quick soup made from pulled pork.
Beef shanks on Traeger

November 10, 2022
by dhoytt
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Thursday Thrills Mix

Set up the typical mixed genre Snakeice’s House of Beats type mix with a series of songs per genre but with mixed eras for this cold Thursday evening. Towards the end of the night it will all be dedicated to the smoot and mellow sounds.

The type of artists are Sean Paul & Tove Lo, DVSN, Sweet Sensation, Prince, Last Poets, Celtic Woman, Sam Smith and Tony Tribe a very eclectic yet cohesive sound. None of that one genre to listen to mess!

I don’t always post but I’m always throwing in special sets from time to time.

September 3, 2022
by dhoytt
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2022 Labor Day Weekend Mixed Genre Sounds

If you are looking for a different sound and can’t stand single genre music lists this is the place for you. I’m going to have R&B, Hip-Hop, Classic rock, Metal Rock, Reggae, Country, Pop, Electronic Techno Music from the present going back as far as recorded music started.

Going to have fast, slow mellow and wild!

Artists like Mozzy, Pusha T, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Florence And The Machine, King Garbage, Russell Dickerson, Jake Scott, Cypress Hill, Shenseea, Hollie Cook, well you got an idea its all over and that’s a small sampling.

August 11, 2022
by dhoytt
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Updated Website Router Music Relay Systems

Had some UPS issues so I updated the router my music relay server, my web server and system that hosts my music which all interconnect to produce this site.

Now it’s time to put together a nice set of music to get my evening workout on to in the pool with some aquatics and then maybe hits some weights or the other way around

July 31, 2022
by dhoytt
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Filet Mignon and Garden Vegetables

Quick mix of garden vegetables eggplant, tomatoes, basil, mad hatter peppers, onions with some filet mignon with two different seasonings for each steak. Also made a dip of clarified butter, sea salt, powdered mustard, garlic, Worcestershire sauce etc cooked on my Traeger Ironwood. Reverse seared filet mignon, first smoke @ 200 on Traeger and then seared on gas grill next to Traeger. Tomatoes were the surprise vegetable stars they were so sweet. Steak was like super tender and tasty with a smoked taste you cannot duplicate.

I had two different seasonings on each steak, one salt pepper and garlic and the other a store bought Santa Maria tri-tip mix seasoning.