May 9, 2021
by dhoytt
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As The Garden Grows

The garden saga has most spots in the garden full or ready to be filled with seedlings I currently have growing. I do want to research some herbs and spices that make great teas. I want to make sure that the herbs I plant don’t have a tendency to overrun the garden like mints do.

I added cilantro, Serrano, mad hatter and Ancho chili peppers. I love having a variety to make different dishes but also mke a nice pepper relish like my dad used to make. I added the cilantro and Serrano peppers Saturday and the mad hatter and ancho chili peppers Sunday.

Now most of my gardening will be weeding, re-positioning and maintaining of my drip system. For instance today I switched out a rotating drip sprinkler for a bubbler on a high mount and replaced a bubbler with a down spray sprinkler which I may go to more as they focus all the water down from a nice height instead of sideways with a spray.

I harvested my first tomato of the season and have some jalapeno peppers looking pretty nice that I will pick in the coming week or days.

I also put down some spray grass seeds in my grass strips in the backyard and repaired some sprinklers.

Beef Eater tomatoes reaching that ripening state earlier in the week.
Lady bugs getting busy/ mating on squash plant leaf. As I went to video instead of photo they took their action underneath the leaf.
This nice Big Beef Tomato was he first tomato of the season picked and eaten, it was delicious.
Cilantro plant in the ground folks.
Serrano peper in the ground.
Wide view of west side vegetable garden Saturday.
Wide view of east side vegetable garden Saturday.
Sprinkler repair in the strip of gras to the east of my pool.
Sprinkler repair number 2 in grass strip on east side of pool. Sprinklers on other grass strip seemed fine.
Madd Hatter peppers! Had them for the first time last years and I do like them.
Ancho Chili peppers behind the Serrano plant next to my greaps and raspberry.
Jalapeno peppers almost ready to be picked.

May 7, 2021
by dhoytt
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Late Night Work Out Music

This is the reason I’m building up my home gym once again, the ability to work out real late or any time really I am free. This late after 11:00 PM PST is going to be it tonight. Hit some weights and then the treadmill like I used to in my own house.

Tonight no allegiance to genre or date of release just music I want to hear while I work out before and afterwards so there will be some slower mellow music deep into the night as I chill in the after glow of a night time work out!

I may have a little Usher, K,naan, Beach Boys, Mantronix, Da Brat, Beenie Man & Cecile, Janet Jackson and whatever get the feeling for in between work out sets or after I’m done.

May 2, 2021
by dhoytt
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Sunday Yard Work and BBQ

Getting it done in the backyard fleshing out the vegetable garden plus fed my always yearly beautiful roses in the front yard not the normal rose food but some rose food with something in it to control the aphids. On top of that picked up a nicely priced pork shoulder so put that on my indirect smoker a bit late again but wanted to familiarize myself with the indirect grill using my oak and fruit wood plum and peach logs making some pulled pork.

Newly planted Lemon thyme in front of Georgia Collards and Swiss Chard with gourmet collards just planted today by the fence.
Newly planted gourmet collards.
Newly planted chamomile next to Mexican tarragon and mints.
West side of vegetable garden with my grapes and raspberry trussed and getting trained this year to go up.
East side of the vegetable garden.
Shot down the short sidewalk in front of my house of my roses.
Front yard shot of my roses with neighbors grass in the front yard.
Roses and ferns front yard near garage.
Roses on opposite side of porch away from my driveway.
Pork shoulder with my custom rub.
Starting to smoke my shoulder on offset grill.
Chimney’s for lighting my wood for offset grill plus propane torch and fire poker.
Chimney’s all lit with oak and plum wood.

April 25, 2021
by dhoytt
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Updated Linux Music Relay Server

I updated the Linux server that hosts ShoutCast and IceCast relays and caused a brief stream outage. This server also hosts my CCTV and one of my Plex Media servers both which I updated the versions on as well with the OS updates. Another update weekend!

April 24, 2021
by dhoytt
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Plants Added to Vegetable Garden

I added some more plants into the 2021 vegetable garden today. I added baby collard green, swiss chard and mixed greens mesclun seedlings along with starters bought from a garden nursery consisting of egg plants, cucumbers, relleno chili peppers, big bertha bell peppers, black plum tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes I always plant and some sweet yellow onions I normally stay away from.

Collard green seed experiment. The pack of $4.54 gourmet collard green seeds not growing at the same fast rate as the $1.99 pack of Georgia collard greens.
All the vegetables I planned on planting and did plant today.
Plants moved near garden for planting.
West side of vegetable garden planted with tested drip system.
Row of swiss chard and collard greens next to row of squash, cucumbers and egg plants.
Row with chives, yellow onions and behind that row of peppers, relleno chili, big bertha bell, habanero and jalapeno.
Yellow pear tomato planted today with sage and mint in background.
Black plum tomato plant with basil and cherry tomato plant in background.
East side of vegetable garden.

April 20, 2021
by dhoytt
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Planting Bean and Pea Seedlings

I put in some peas and beans into the garden this evening I had started from seeds. Interestingly the mustard greens and okra seeds I started at the same time showed no signs of budding yet. I have some collard greens, mesclun greens mixture and more swiss chard and green onions, plus some peppers I am also waiting to pop up I started in other pots as seedlings after I started these. The collards, mixed mesclun greens and swiss chard seem to be budding and will go into the ground soon.

April 9, 2021
by dhoytt
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Lost Networking XCP-ng Hosts Then Recovered

Today I lost the XCP-ng networking to 3 XCP-ng hosts in a pool of 4 hosts. I logged in to check XCP-ng Center from a Windows workstation and couldn’t connect to the pool. I logged into the master of the pool with putty and had no issues. Yet when I ran commands against the pool it would say “lost connection to the server”. The logs on that workstation from XCP-ng Center said “The server that you are talking to is a slave” during that time period.

I thought maybe this was an issue with XCP-ng center and went to a laptop I had and it exhibited the same issues even after removing the configuration and trying to import the server. Then just as on the workstation it would note this server belongs to a pool would you like to import the pool master, I said yes and it wouldn’t import the pool or the system thus not completing the operation.

I performed a xe-toolstack-restart and still had the same issues. Finally logged into the physical console and all of the network information was gone from the console, yet I was still in the system via ssh with no issue, connected and able to perform commands.

This whole time all of my VM’s on this system, the pool master was up and working just fine. The other two systems didn’t have VM’s on them at this time as I was transitioning away from them.

On the physical console I went into the “Local Command Shell” and ifconfig showed all my physical interfaces and I could ping out on any of them. After a reboot I could still ssh into the system but still no management interfaces. I tried several times performing xe-toolstack-restart that’s when I started seeing physical interfaces in the local shell disappear. After trying xe-toolstack-restart a few times only my local loopback was left!

Now of course my VM’s on this pool master system are down now and not operating.

Finally on the one XCP-ng host that was still up I decided to login via ssh and made that the pool master with “xe -pool-emergency-transition-to-master” and that worked. I could now connect to the pool with the one host in it with XCP-ng Center.

Then I wanted to get the VM’s up on the new pool master and did a “xe host-list” “vm-list resident-on=<UUID-pool-master>” then “xe vm-reset-powerstate resident-on=<UUID-pool-master>” and I could now see the VM’s I wanted to start on the new pool master but couldn’t because the one host system left operating with networking was in maintenance mode.

I finally re-installed the original master with an XCp-ng 8.1 iso and then got the networking back and had it rejoin the pool as a slave and everything is starting to look good again and the new pool master is out of maintenance mode. I started my VM’s and they are working. I am concerned that I lost the network configuration on 3 of my 4 XCP-ng hosts though.

The only thing I can think of is that about a week and half ago I transitioned from an older pool master to a new pool master using this command “xe pool-designate-new-master host-uuid =<host-uuid>” then since I was transitioning to new more updated hardware powered down 2 hosts leaving the 2 hosts I wanted to keep. I was planning to remove the old hosts from the pool this weekend. These were my only changes and there were no issues I observed until this morning. These servers have been the part of the same pool for months now.

The good thing is that once I decided to just re-install the former XCP-ng pool master, recreate the networking (thank goodness I didn’t have complex networking or VLAN scheme) everything worked well. Having the storage for my virtual systems on FreeNAS storage utilizing ZFS gives you great reliability.

Earlier this week my dual 10GBE Intel 10 Gigabit XF SR Server Adapter went dead on my Windows workstation which has made it really a strange week in my computer lab. Thank goodness I had a spare Intel 10 Gigabit XF SR Server Adapter and I was able to recover my virtual environment!