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March 14, 2021
by dhoytt
Comments Off on Big Cable Management Start

Big Cable Management Start

Did a major start on getting some cable management done in the home computer room. I have been wanting to start some cable management in the computer room for a very long time but wanted to get the hardware situation … Continue reading Continue reading

February 15, 2021
by dhoytt
Comments Off on Gritty HPE C7000 Blade Enclosure Update

Gritty HPE C7000 Blade Enclosure Update

I updated my HPE C7000 blade enclosures Virtual control modules to VC-Enet 10/24. I then updated the firmware to 4.85 so that it wouldn’t rely on flash in the browsers which as of this year is blocked for security reasons … Continue reading Continue reading

October 4, 2020
by dhoytt
Comments Off on Virtual Environment Expansion

Virtual Environment Expansion

I have my new HPE bl460c gen8 blade systems now in my existing virtual hypervisor XCP-Ng pool with my Dell Poweredge R710’s systems temporarily while I assess them. I need to keep them running see how they handle the loads, … Continue reading Continue reading

August 10, 2020
by dhoytt
Comments Off on Steady Progress Updating Infrastructure

Steady Progress Updating Infrastructure

The past months I have been doing a complete planned upheaval of my entire infrastructure. I’m adding more capacity to my NAS plus implementing better RAID and updating my FreeNAS. I’m moving my entire network to 10gbe. I’m moving all … Continue reading Continue reading