Welcome to “Da’ Hoytt’s Online Universe”

Welcome to “Da’ Hoytt’s Online Universe” which is a collection of sites from a personal blog, an Internet stream with a Blog that announces the times when I will be throwing out some special sets of music ( just register to the RSS, I’ll have it in the FAQ’s soon) to be informed.
I will finally have the artists pages & bios of local artists on my site and hope to offer some of their music at my online store once the details are worked out.
That’s right I now have finally shared out my online web store with secure SSL that uses PayPal site for buyer protection (you can go to their site to learn the benefits). I am going to finally try out the forums since its integrated in part with my blog software and you can use the same login for blog comments and the forum now (the web store has a separate login).
I will also be hosting on my servers a gaming site. Be patient on the gaming site for you hard core gamers, I have been away from the gaming experience for a while. My maps will be a bit standard at first but will evolve over time and this will be yet another site/feature in my “Online Universe”. I will try also to get some board and card games hosted on my site
As always come back frequently as changes will be constant. Heck I’m already working on the new site as soon as I posted this site to the Internet on my development/backup server.
Click around explore and keep “dhoytt.com” on your Internet path and leave a comment or two

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