This collection of websites started as a project to keep up some technical skills and develop others. I have several servers that I rotate in and out of service that serve up the sites and streams here.

All of these servers I host from my computer room/office at home with a very nice high speed connection of 25mps up & down from my ISP over “fiber to the home”.

I use Fedora Linux and constantly update that close to the newest flavors and Windows 2012 R2.

This site also consists of several different applications served up to the internet and sometimes displayed together or separate.

None of the applications run on only one system for performance reasons but also allows me to take down one element and work on it while other elements of the site are still up and running.

Each system has a backup system which has the same software and most times hardware configuration so that I can take my systems offline for maintenance or updates.

When moving to a new hardware, OS or major application update I will often rebuild the whole site from the start which can take some effort and time. Each application has its own set of rules, learning curve and challenges.

This time I had the most new systems & applications put into service as production and backup servers than any previous time. I actually had systems setup in their base configurations and two in service when I decided to match the new flavors of OS more appropriately with the hardware platforms I was using. I didn’t want to waste a 32bit flavor of Windows OS on a 64 bit CPU architecture and move away from x86_64 bit Linux OS I have been using for the past several years.

The features presented on this site take some time to configure and present as you can see so I hope you enjoy your visit because I’m always adding something new! The build times on getting my new servers in action have increased because this project is doing what I intended teaching me something new and keeping me in touch with past & present skills!

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