April 20, 2021
by dhoytt
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Planting Bean and Pea Seedlings

I put in some peas and beans into the garden this evening I had started from seeds. Interestingly the mustard greens and okra seeds I started at the same time showed no signs of budding yet. I have some collard … Continue reading Continue reading

June 18, 2018
by dhoytt
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Turning Over Garden

Getting set for garden turnover after early plants of mustard and lettuce bolted and went to seed. Now will try to plant the same but with a garden shade to protect from the Sacramento summer heat. Did some intense gardening … Continue reading Continue reading

April 24, 2018
by dhoytt
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Garden 2018 Spring Blossoms

Gardens in the front yard and backyard blossoming well again this year. The front yard producing vibrant, varied, colored rose blooms of different sizes from bush to long stemmed I have planted throughout the years. The backyard has the hearty … Continue reading Continue reading

May 14, 2016
by dhoytt
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2016 Vegetable Garden Happenings

Well the 2016 garden is off to a very nice start. Already I have been feasting on the swiss chards that are replants from last year. As the swiss chard replants from last year go to seed they will be … Continue reading Continue reading