The 2022 Vegetable Garden is Officially Started


On the larger west part of my garden, I got the whole garden foundation set finally. After nearly emulsifying the soil, roots, and remaining plants that I didn’t transplant I made rows and redid the drip system Sunday.

I ended up making 12 inch rows with 10 inches between the rows to get my cultivator through later when I want to get weeds easily and also so I can service the crops and remove weeds from on top of the rows with ease.

This year I wanted to try some ¼” soaker hoses instead of my typical drip fittings with sprayers and bubblers. I ended up running them both in parallel with a water faucet splitter to go back and forth and test with. Should this work, I will use on the other side of the garden as well. The goal is to use less water and let the water soak in the soil and hope the roots go deeper to get the water. So far it seems the soaker puts a lot of pressure on the system and comes out way too slowly. I switched over to my old system for the night and foreseeable future until I can test some more.

I ended planting dill, yellow bell peppers, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, Ichiban eggplants, summer squash, black beauty squash, 2x yellow pear tomato plants, 2x red cherry tomato plants, celebrity tomato plant, minefield tomatoes, Bok hoi, more Swiss chard, mixed salad greens, more sage, and bush beans

I also started from seed, mustard greens, spinach mustard greens, beets, turnips, burgundy gush beans, bush beans, peas, potatoes, and red onions. I think I missed some plants and seeds that I planted but will list them later.

I still have some areas to fill in and have some more tomato plants from a discount six pack. That’s way too many tomatoes but will find a way to utilize them.

For now, I will turn my attention to cleanup and building some DIY trellises to grow my squash and cucumbers vertically this year to save space in the garden. I will use pvc pipe and fittings that I already have plus another 10 feet I got from the store to cut up. I did some vertical gardening last year.  It’s going to get interesting

I even used my GoPro camera to show some footage of making my rows. Boring I know but I must use that equipment sometime since I haven’t been fishing. I have been waiting to finish this post until it finished joining the various video chapters into one video but it’s taking too long and I’m going to bed.

The rows are made 12 inches wide and 10 inches in between for my cultivator to remove weeds in the future.
Laying out plants and seeds prior to planting for planning purposes.
Faucet splitter I’m using to test out 1/4″ soaker hoses and my normal drip layout.
Everything laid out for now.
The other side of the garden currently with my replants not recovered yet.

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