XFS Filesystem Repair Get’s Web Server Back


Well now questioning if the XFS filesystem is the panacea I thought it would be for my configuration. I had an issue with my XenServer master I didn’t notice for a bit due to the monitoring text message coming when I ws sleep. I easily recovered the XenServer system (still need to look into why it lost it suddenly lost its identity  though it never went down). With XFS normal “fsck” doesn’t quite work there is and “xfs_check” and “”xfs_repair” command.

I went to the Centos rescue CD and tried to run the “xfs_check” and that command is not found. Then tried  running “xfs_repair” but it let’s me know that the xfs  filesystem has logs that need to be replayed to repair and to mount the filesystem so this can happen but the filesystem will not mount since it needs to be cleaned! I looked around the internet and found the following commands:

#xfs_metadump <filesystem> md4.metadump

#xfs_mdrestore md4.metadump.img

#xfs_repair -L md4.metadump.img

Seems this is a trila run of using the “-L” option with xfs_repair which per the man page and other warnings could lead to greater filesystem corruption.

Finally I had no option but to boot into the resuce CD and run “xfs_repair -L /<root-filesystem>.

Everything seems up and not sure if all the valuable metadata got replayed so later will recreate another system and move the data over once again.

Maybe xfs isn’t any more resilient than extfs4 filesystems after all, well will keep using for a bit but keep some backups.

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