Maintenance to XCP-Ng Hypervisors Updated Zoneminder Plus Installed Patches Updated WordPress


My BL460c gen8 blade servers have been really noisy with the fans kicking up a lot more lately as I have put more of a load on them so tried a setting that required a reboot in the bios setting the ensuring RBSU Thermal Configuration setting to “Optimal Cooling” (

After updating my 2 hypervisors I also decided to update my BL460c gen8 blade server I run Centos 8 Linux on with the latest security, kernel and a few other patches. I also ended up updating to Zoneminder 1.34.21-2 as part of the updates. After running Zoneminder came up just fine. As a maintenance step from the GUI I also set Zoneminder to trim some of my events.

After all of that I also went to my WordPress server and updated WordPress after backing up my database.

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