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Last Sunday of 2021 Snakeice House of Beats Afternoon Early Evening Sounds

The last set of music for a Sunday in 2021 and it will be of course be multi-layered with different genres an beats of various eras. This is the “Snakeice House of Beats Gumbo Mix” a set of rock and roll, old school R&B, into Reggae, pop music, for upbeat sections and jazz, soul, blues, even country for some mellow moments. 

Going to have something to work out (what I will initially be doing) to or just bop around the house with plus some laid-back tunes. I will mix in quite a bit on the fly as I hear certain songs and think of something that fits just right with them. 

A sample of artist are: Alicia Keys, Boo Ya Tribe, Bob Marley, Chevelle, Just Ice, Rhye, Lil ½ Dead, Arlo Parks etc.  

Updated W2019 Server Application Host and Linux Fedora Relay Host

I started with the update of the W2019 Datacenter server I run the Sam Broadcasting software on and has my MySQL database that it utilizes on it and then started patches and security updates of my Fedoras 34 system that handles the relays of ShoutCast and IceCast. I have already updated my Fedora web server earlier in the week along with my WordPress to the latest versions along with the themes and plugins.