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Snakeice’s Music Stream Back After Maintenance Updates

I am back streaming with that unique combination of
slamming Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop and Reggae mix.
Heavy dosages of hip-hop of course and those surly and
mellow sounds
as well.

Enjoy and remember that if the playlist is not keeping
with the song played you may need to refresh your
. When using "Winamp" the "playlist" is about "1.5
minutes ahead
" of the "song" since I have to point the stream through
the Shoutcast interface of my music server.

As I restart this streaming party I’m going to start it off
a set of hyped and heavy big beats only for the next couple of hours at least!
This is an old school new booty and everything in between
the crevices and on top of the hills
type of mix