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The Music Stream Continues

Just like that back up and streaming music over the internet from my upstairs home computer room to wherever you are ! The w2019 server with streaming software is up that then relays to my Linux Fedora 34 system with ShoutCast and Icecast.

This is the place the music happens and you can keep up with what’s playing real time:

My music console where I input the sounds back up after reboot of W2019 Data Center OS.
Confirming relay software starts after reboot of system following system patches on Linux Fedora 34 system OS.

Back With The Strong Snakeice House of Beats Stream

As noted on I updated my Linux web server, my Snakeice House of Beats W2019 Data Center music streaming server, my Linux IceCast and ShoutCast streaming servers with the latest security patches. I also updated several other backgrounds servers.

I also updated the CMS WordPress to the latest version along with the plugins and themes.

Added some new songs to the rotation and just letting the music ring out.