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Evening Workout Music Mixture

Just sprinkling in a mix of music for a nice muddled workout. Artists like Original Concept, Nicki Minaj, Def Leppard, Michael Henderson, Michel’le, Polo G and then will go into some mellow sounds with artists like The Commodores, Sade, Dua Lipa with many more.

The usual mixture of different genres here at Snakeice’s House of Beats!

Music Relays Operating on New Server

The music relays of IceCast and ShoutCast are now operating on one of my my new virtual servers running Fedora 34. I created my firewall openings on my router and on the OS plus created new selinux policies for ShoutCast and IceCast. Tested connecting locally and remotely and everything looks good.

The Snakeice’s House of Beats streams are back up on the streaming relays!

Moving Music Stream Relays to New Server

Moving my music streaming relays of IceCast and ShoutCast to a new server that’s dedicated and virtual. I was always planning on making this move but some memory leaks by another program has made it more critical. This is always my goal to make operations more modular. I can also clone this virtuals system for a backup very easily. I still need to point my firewall to the appropriate system and ports along with my streaming application so there will be a moment of no streaming music. I’ll post after all is up and running again.