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New Years Party Beats

Happy New Years, Everyone right now I’m lining up hyped beats for those of you who will be at home tonight to enjoy your New Years. I will not be present but the beats will be lined up for those of you on Eastern time before the magical hour back who want a nice set of hyped tunes with maybe a few nice slow sets as well.
The difference between this and my normal stream is that there will be mostly tunes from the last few years with some old school classics mixed of course.
Now if you have a good internet connection connect from your soundcard/line to your Stereo just as it’s was another stereo component and you have a house party.
The New Years mix should be setup and bumping at approximately 5 or 6 pm PDT. As always I will be still throwing out all types of sounds before that time so stay tuned to a pre-cursor before the official New Years mix.
Just go to and click on either “HiFi” for broadband or “LoFi” for modem access to listen.
Darryl Hoytt Snakeice DEP