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Power Failure Last Night

Had a brief power outage after going to bed seems my UPS went out. I had lost total power to routers, hubs and systems. I did not go to bed until about 3am so did not get up and go into the computer room until close to 9am and then went to work getting every thing back up and running within about 30 minutes.

New Tracks Behind The Scenes Movement..

I added some new tracks to the mix. I was able get some older tracks digitized along with the current tracks in the mix.
Quite a few tracks that were only in 12″ vinyl I now have digitized in the mix. I have a ton of music on vinyl that was not played on popular radio if played on radio at all and not just because of content. This music is from when Hip-Hop was truly an almost all underground experience. You truly had to be into Hip-hop to have even heard some of these cuts when they first came out.
I won’t list them now …time to head for bed and get some sleep.
I am also experimenting with some more flexible ways to broadcast the music that will let all you in the UNIX & Linux community use those audio tools and give windows users a selection of audio tools to choose from. I will also be able to get some live air time and real time mixes on the air.
Right now I totally tore down my computer room and reconfigured the room twice in the past month! Moving my computer room around is quite a feat if you know me or have seen my computer room. I think I like the current configuration of my room. I should now have the comfort to concentrate on the site and the music more comfortably. I have the computer room plus other remodeling and personal chores I will go into more detail later this evening on my “Main Blog” for this site: