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Hard A$$ Set of Beats ….Put The Kids Away

That’s right I’m up on a Saturday night working on my new web server and configuring and moving files over so I feel like hearing some hard head banging beats!

So get set from this point on to hear a couple of hours and maybe more of hard flavored beats from the present back to the day when I used to be dipping & flowing on the cruise!  All the beats will not be Gangsta but they will have HARD, THUMPING, WILD BEATS and/or LYRICS

Then I have some nice steamy, mellow flows right after that.

Gathering Middle of The Night Quiet Storm

That’s right pulling together another gathering of slow, mellow jams to create a “Perfect Storm” with the “Gumbo” mix of genre’s from Snakeice’s “House of Beats” “Quiet Storm”.

Tonight’s “Quiet Storm” is perfect for the mild winter days and nights we have been having here in Northern California the past week.
Just click one of the links above to listen in with me choose “Web Java Player Auto Adjust to Internet speed” if you don’t know which media player to use.

Slow Down Late Night Tuesday From Sactown Cali

After a nice hard work out that ended up being later in the night than expected there is nothing like some mellow tunes and as usual I’m sharing the sounds with you out in the vast world of the Internet.

I already started the the flows here in the House of Beats” so join right in and click one of the links above and if you don’t have one of the media players listed don’t worry click on the Java Player Link and it will generate a player for you to listen to..