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An After Midnight Spiced Up Quiet Storm

Hey been bangin’ it on the wild style
and I like the slow jams the same way, spicy, on the regular so
that’s how I’m spittin’ it to you.

Never your typical with me ,”Snakeice”,
here on the “House of Beats”. Now I’m laying down the “Quiet
Storm” laced with some spicy slow jams put together in a way you
will never hear anywhere else.

I also made the set extra long in case
you wake up in the middle of the night and you have that desire for that spicy “Quiet Storm” flavor.

Music On Blast

Music On Blast

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I am just picking music at random from the large collection with hard strong beats to get wild to. There will be some party tunes as well….

Me myself I’ll be pumping the music as I visit the gym in my headphones via a music stream of the “House of Beats” and a little before as I get warmed up at home.
Well its already started and I have hard hitting music for the next few hours lined up back to back and then maybe I’ll ease into something a bit slower when time to warm down. It won’t all be hardcore but the majority of it will be ….hardcore beats!
People like N.W.A,  Eazy E, The Mossie, 2 pac, Ice T, Feva In Da Fnkhouse and many more…

Cover of Ice-T

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Late Night West Coast Smooth Jams

Late Night West Coast Smooth Jams

Late night on the West Coast of the USA in the city of Sacramento California and we need a slow stream of sounds to go along with the stiff but steady breeze outside. 

Why not send the whole smooth breeze all around the globe via Internet starting with Some Corinne Bailey Rae a bit up tempo remake of Prince’s song and then mix in some El Debarge, Alicia Keys, George Benson, Sarah Vaughn, Mariah Carey, Jaheim, Selena Gomez & the Scene, Eurythmics, Avery Sunshine, John Coltrane & more!
Let’s get this smoothness started…
John Coltrane

Cover of John Coltrane

Corinne Bailey Rae

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El DeBarge

Cover of El DeBarge

Mariah Carey at the premiere of Tennessee at t...

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Updated the Streaming Software Again

After being unable to sleep due to allergies tonight and then checking the station I found it was stuck and not playing music for a good part of Sunday. I first want to apologize for that if you were attempting to listen Sunday. I will however be installing soon some monitoring software that will alert me more quickly when something occurs like this. I was occupied with some rentals getting them ready and then attending a Super Bowl party and didn’t monitor the station as I normally do. The application erred out after the OS experienced an error. As I mentioned before I have been reviewing monitoring software lately that will monitor this events such as this and report to me no matter where I am located and I will then be able to login from anywhere and correct the issues. I will be updating several items in the infrastructure soon so stay tuned! This specific issue affected only the music stream.

I took this time to update the streaming software once again which improved some database calls and reporting and there will be some updated web pages due to changes in PHP files with the software so once again stay tuned! I am never standing still and the “House of Beats” Internet streaming station has been updating and improving consistently since 2004 and will continue moving forward!