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Back on My Primary Streaming Server

Back on My Primary Streaming Server

Well I’m back on my original streaming server. Since June 29th 2013 I have been on my backup server working great to give my primary music server a break in a sense. Well with the power supply going out on my backup server I decided to bring up my primary music server after getting my backup server going again with the new power supply, then transfer the current up to date database and settings back to my primary server.

This could not be standard or simple of course. After updating my physical music tracks from the backup to the primary server I tried backing up the database and settings from SAM Broadcaster but that failed with a permissions error. I then went to MySQL Workbench to try and export the SAM database but ran into the “mysqldump.exe is version 5.5.16” will not work with version 5.6.10 of MySQL Server since the log files will be a different version of mysqldump.exe. I’m using MySQL Workbench version 5.2CE.

To correct the MySQL problem with the different mysqldump.exe versions I had to go to MySQL Workbench -> Edit -> Preferences ->Administrator -> “Path to mysqldump Tool” -> <Browse to $PATH:MySQL\ bin\mysqldump.exe”>. I then dumped that to and SQL file and copied it to my primary music server, forwarded my ports from my router back to my primary music server, started SAM broadcaster on my primary server, went to the config file on my Linux web server and pointed to my primary music server again, reinstalled RemoteWeb that syncs database tables from music server to web server as well as ftp my album files to my web server and I was done!

Phew what crazy stuff!

Some pics first of failed power supply from backup primary server, second pictures of hastily modified internals of system after replacing power supply, third picture and last back of music server showing power cable routing.


Music Server Power Supply Died Back In a Few

Well I knew there was some power issue but it only affected this system the other day but turns out the power supply was on it last legs and it went out. I had to get really creative to replace the power supply since it is non-standard and make modifications to the inner case and exterior case to get the new power supply in.

I actually had to go with a 1U power supply I was going  to use for another project that got held up. Using the 1U power supply caused further case modifications to my 2U case but I’m done now and will be back up in a few.

I decided to post this while it was powering down after testing the other power supply and installing updates!