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Back To Normal Music Stream Programming

If you listened to this 3 hour plus set of music thank you and stay tuned to my normal set of music a hard mellow and everything in between randomized mixed genre set of music.
I get in and start putting together certain sets of music during specific times of the day. Usually I set up a nice set of beats in the evening while hitting a workout or doing things around the house.
Late at night I often have a nice slow set of mellow tunes “Quiet Storm” style with a whole lot of spice!

Message Music For A Few Hours To Celebrate MLK Birthday

A set of music in support of Martin Luther King’s and other’s ideas of not only peace but change for the better not just to do something different. He wasn’t killed for being Mr. Nice guy going along with the system if its BS.
So yes in the spirit of Snakeice’s streaming music show we will have some hard beats as well as thoughts of peace all the things that encompass the human struggles and successes towards doing the right thing.