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Need To Setup Test Web Server

I did a lot of work out in my yard today soooo not much was done on the site. I need to take care of all aspects of life and keep a nice balance… I am looking at what I need to do to get my web server up on my test Linux system. Will not be too bad I’m sure just need to step back and remember what I did so that it will be a replica of the main site. I need to do this anyway to know how to get all aspects of my site up and running in case of a serious failure so this will be a good experience and test.
Plus I’m sure that I will learn even more tricks I can put to use. I will also try some new ideas on that site when it’s up and running….
I’m getting excited just thinking about it but tonight I need to really go to bed at a decent time. Been going to bed at past 2am the past 4 nights working on systems & servers at night and working around the house and the yard during the day….non-stop baby!
I’m boning out now to pay some online bills!

Ok …Where’s the scrolling Playlist?

Well the scrolling live time play list is pretty much done except for a few tweaks and deciding how I want it presented on the page. I will be testing it on my test Linux web server first. I will then place it out on this site. Hopefully I will have some other changes as well.
I had a few other challenges with my multi-homed test server that I didn’t anticipate with the standard packages not behaving exactly the way I wanted I resorted to using “ssh” which seems to be working better moving packages between my two networks, at least when I originate the command from my test Linux system which is running Fedora core 3 kernel 2.6.10-1.770_FC3.
I also had some challenges with my script, some bone headed (ok most) but going well now.
My weekends are totally consumed by another project so I do not really have a lot of time to spend with the Web & Music servers. My weekends being consumed plus my home projects have truly cut into time I have to spend on the Music and Web Servers.
Will keep it coming though…stay tuned!!!