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Back Throwing Packets Of Beat Across Internet

Those bombs you hear being dropped are from the Snakes Den of
back from a brief interruption! So hook up that soundcard output into
your stereo system and really feel the beat. I even have tunes for you to
get your grind on to.

That’s right about to really start kicking it up once my projects are
done….watch out will even bring out the nuggets I used to drop on the
community radio station from the "Reptiles Fang of Wisdom".

Temporary Website & Music Server Shutdown

I am going to shutdown the website server as well as my music servers today as I do some more electrical work on the home front.
All my servers are personally built by myself and maintained by no one else but myself.
I have a 1 GHz Linux web server running Fedora core 1 serving up the web pages and the music server is an Intel dual Xeon 2.4 running all SCSI. I have several backup servers ready to perform or take over the functions. Plus my personal desk top Intel 3.2E GHz 1mb cache system
Well time to get ready to do work I can go over specific technical specs of my operation another time.

Christmas & Holiday Songs Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz etc..

Hello people I have launched a different music server to serve up nothing but
songs in the current holiday spirit that even the young ones can listen to!

Remember my normal genre of music is for the adult type ears because of the
sprinkling of language in some of the songs. The Xmas server serves up
only holiday tunes for all ages. My normal music server is still
spitting out its mixed genre of beatz.

This may be a pre-cursor to the varied streams I will offer are on this site.

Remember wait until you are on the page you wish to listen to before you click
one of the listen buttons!


New Wireless “G” Linksys Router Music Server

New Page 1

    I have a new wireless "G" Linksys Router model
. This is replacing my old router BEFSR51 wired Linksys router.
The old router was fine but I liked the features on my new router.

    See I already had the wireless "G" for my other static
ip.address that I have. I noticed all of the features plus a slight perceived
performance edge on the systems that had the Wireless "G" router. I actually do
the majority of work on the network with the new Wireless "G" router, so this
change was necessary. This should also mean better performance connecting to
the music server
with less buffering for those out there with
multiple hops and those who are  "connection challenged".

    I was going to go with one of their dual band routers but
this didn’t make any sense at this point I would be paying for options and
features I would not use for a while.

    Now this is the trick with technology wait until you
absolutely will use the technology in most cases and it will be better tested
and less expensive!

Time to play with the music….. I’m Out for now!!