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Wild, Crazy & Lively Beats

Ok I’m starting to get some energy from my runs and I have a lot to do around thhis place so I’m pumping up the beats.
The next few hours the music will have the one of the following characteristics up-tempo, wild, strong deep bass, wild lyrics, hyphee and maybe even some slow but extra spicy tunes.
The beats will definitely be all “PC”/” PG” but they will not be all rated “R” either but some will be.
The genre’s well they will be mixed depends on what I feel.

Late Night Hip-Hop Old School

Just fell into playing the beats from the ’80’s & 90’s when we used to cruise the boulevard bumping the metal tapes with an amp for the from back, with the highs, mids, and BASS separated in phase and clear 3 blocks away!
Then after the cruise hit the hot club and then the after hours set until 6 am.
I’m already more than an hour into this set but will be bumping for a bit more in this flavour.
Cognac goes good with these flavours.