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Starting New Years Eve Flow

I’m starting the New Years Snakeice musical Flow now so if your back East you can get your boogie on starting now.
Check it out I don’t have a set playlist but will have a few songs in sets but the main thing is that I have special pool of music for the New Year Eve music and will try to make sure it flows properly.
This New Year I will start off with a musical Gumbo as well as the real thing I’m fixing.
Kick back and check the flow and if you have suggestion click on the Playlist & Request link and make a request that will play almost right away.
Happy 2007 New Year al!!!

Previewing Music for New Years Eve Mix

I’m playing some song to see how they will sound since I have so much music I want to know how they will sound in a mix next to some other songs and figure out how they fit in.
So this is a very nice time for you to listen to some newer songs as well as other rarely heard songs possibly from the past. As I said this station tends to be geared to the funky and wild fun and sometimes hard songs of all decades.
The New Years mix if I get it done will incorporate all of this with a strong lean towards tunes you can get your boogie on to and a few you can get close and grind it with your loved ones.
To summarize as I go along I will place songs in the playlist for tomorrow and hopefully get this done but I will definitely have phat sounds as always for New Years Eve and this is a type of preview!

Back to Snakeice’s House of Beats Regular Programming

Ahh nothing like a little respite from the norm for a special occasion but now back to the Snakeice flavor and mix……..ahhh here you go savor the taste…..dip your spoon in and dip into that bass…..let the highs sprinkle upon you and the mid’s and everything in between sate that appetite
Now kick back and enjoy the musical meal of Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock and every once in a while another flavor that fits into that palate of flavor offered at varying settings of mellow & luxuriously silky to rough textured but always with delicious flavor.