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Mixing it Up in the Musical Kitchen

Mixing it Up in the Musical Kitchen

I’m sitting in my physical kitchen logged into my musical kitchen upstairs in my computer lab putting together some sounds for “Snakeice’s House of Beats” for you and also to listen to while I do some work in an around the house.


These are some of the musical artists dishes I will be serving up during this mix that will go for about 6 – 8 hours if not more then I will let my great automated DJ to bring in a nice mix that is just as powerful just not manually setup like this next several hours.

I will even have a little lighthearted somewhat comedic dishes from the likes of Bobby Jimmy and Biz Markie.

Jazz will also be served by Tim Bowman, Euge Groove, he some slow jams by Mary J. Blige, Lana Del Rey, some old school Hip-Hop by Stetsasonic, Public Enemy, Connie, and of course some present artists like Post Malone, Damian Marley Jr., P!nk and Jason Derulo.



    Updating Streaming Server OS and Application

    That time again to update the W2012 r2 server OS with the latest security patches and also SAM from Spacial Audio to the latest version. Will not be streaming for a bit then I will also tackle updating WordPress to its latest version and the Centos 7 Linux OS I am running the web server on. I am also updating the system that runs the IceCast stream relays which is another Centos 7 system