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Friday Funk

Friday Funk
American funk musician George Clinton and his ...

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I think this Friday I would like to reintroduce you all to funk going back to the ’70’s for sure but hopefully I can find some music from today that fits the bill as well.

I will not be playing funk exclusively but it will be very heavy in the mix, hey I need to spice some things up and bring in some hard core stuff and maybe some other flavors as well but really artists like James Brown, George Clinton, Bootsy, Parliament, Cameo, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool & the Gang, Johnson Brothers, Rick James,  etc.. and the music they and others influenced…..
Besides you know Hip-hop has lot’s of funk but I’m lookng for the funkiest cuts I can find & remember!
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Fixed Windows Encoder Issue Can Listen With Windows Media Player

Fixed Windows Encoder Issue Can Listen With Windows Media Player

Well I fixed an issue I had not known existed because I had not been doing my due diligence in monitoring certain elements lately. The windows media encoder had crashed and then disappeared on my music server when I upgraded and I usually monitor with Shoutcast enabled media players so I didn’t notice the issue with the Windows media encoder since I seldom listen and monitor with the Windows Media player.

Anyway just click on the link on the page @ that says  Windows Media Player Auto Adjust to Internet Speed it will determine your connection speed and adjust appropriately. Sorry for this inconvenience and oversight.
 You can alternately click on the media player iconwmp.jpg.
When the message asking to launch Windows Media player comes up:
Choose “Launch Application” and Windows Media player will start streaming whatever is playing on “Snakeice’s House of Beats“:
You’ll notice in the bottom left corner it will first show buffering and then start playing the music then scroll the song being played information & station id.
Sit back and enjoy the music. Also if you have Windows Media Player already up you can right click on the top portion of the Windows Media Player -> <Click on> “File” -> Then <Click on> “Open URL”:
windows-media-player-launched-open-url.JPGThe next step is to enter in the in the path to the music “mms://” in the dialogue box:
There you have it another way to listen with Windows Media Player. I’ll at some point spruce this up and add it to the F.A.Q section along with a video and a step by step on how to use other popular media players to listen to the “Snakeice House of Beats” show.
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Monday Madness Mellow Sounds

Monday Madness Mellow Sounds

How can you have mellow madness you say? Well you obviously have never listened to a Snakeice “Mellow Mix” or “Quiet Storm” set.

Well it works like this there is a bit of mellow, dash of saltiness and some strong spiciness in the flavorful mix I will be dishing out.
Sit back and check it out with a nice open mind as I blend the genres. As I did prior to this with the beats previous to this slow set.
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