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Mid-Sunday Workout Sounds

Mid-Sunday Workout Sounds

Doing that workout thing while watching the Lakers vs Sun game and another advantage to working out at home I always missed after going to the gym and giving away my home gym equipment years ago.

Just throwing out song I want to hear in no particular order while having game on low and music up a bit.

Artists like the Eagles, Michael Jackson , The Offsping, Grandmaster Flash, H.E.R, The Weeknd you get it, the unique Snakeice House of Beats mix.

All Songs on Deck Workout Sounds

All Songs on Deck Workout Sounds

Been a long productive day after working on items late into the night and morning getting things going on one of my servers so need a patchwork of songs for this workout and all songs are on deck ready to roll regardless of tempo or genre! I have a lineup but in between set will pull whatever I feel into the mix.

Initial look I have a some Pretty Tony, Mark Morrison, Gyptian & Beenie Man, Sister Sledge, Linkin Park, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak (Silk Sonic ) then whoever I decide to pull into the mix!

Late Night Work Out Music

This is the reason I’m building up my home gym once again, the ability to work out real late or any time really I am free. This late after 11:00 PM PST is going to be it tonight. Hit some weights and then the treadmill like I used to in my own house.

Tonight no allegiance to genre or date of release just music I want to hear while I work out before and afterwards so there will be some slower mellow music deep into the night as I chill in the after glow of a night time work out!

I may have a little Usher, K,naan, Beach Boys, Mantronix, Da Brat, Beenie Man & Cecile, Janet Jackson and whatever get the feeling for in between work out sets or after I’m done.