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Updated Main & Backup Streaming Server Database & Application





Yeah I went for it last night and this morning, first updated my backup streaming server database and application. I had previously attempted to do this earlier in the week but had issues when my MySQL database starting eating up the CPU with the process that updates my Linux web server.

On the backup server I tried to update to the current version from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6.2 of the current database didn’t work so I removed 5.5 and reinstalled the current version database MySQL 5.6.2 fresh.

I then did a backup of my current working application and database using the SAM Broadcaster application on my primary music server and copied that backup over to the backup server. When I tried using SAM Broadcaster to import as I normally do it erred out with an error complaining about “restore failed duplicate entry for…” one of my songs. I tried backup of the main server again and a couple of restores but kept getting the same error. I figured the error was now due to the fact that the two databases were different versions with MySQL 5.1 on my primary music server and 5.6.2 now on my backup server.

So now due to the different version of MySQL on both servers I decided to bypass using the SAM application backup and restore did a MySQL dump from the primary backup server from version 5.1 copied it over to the backup streaming server imported that dump to my fresh and new MySQL 5.6.2 and it worked. I then started SAM Broadcaster to see how my streaming software liked the new database and it could not see the new database from SAM.

I now decided to update SAM broadcaster to the current version of SAM 2013.4 and restarted MySQL service and started SAM and still could not see the new database with the application. This prompted me to uninstall SAM and reinstall and setup from scratch pointing to the new settings I had created with “MySQL Workbench”. This worked fine and I could now see the new database instance!

I then configured SAM Broadcaster to talk to my ftp site on my web server to update my album artwork automatically and sync to my MySQL database on my Linux web server ( I run Windows 2003 on my Streaming servers currently). I finished updating my user and license information in SAM Broadcaster 2013.4 did another dump from MySQL on my primary music streaming server since it had been running streaming music and updating this whole time I wanted to get to the point I could cut over from my backup server to start at the next song queued on my primary server.

Once all my settings were configured on my backup I stopped my primary music streaming server, forwarded my ports in my router to my backup server, insured my Shoutcast server instance had started, was set to start automatically and now I was streaming on my backup server.

I then repeated this whole process on my primary server and that’s where I am now playing on my backup server but updating some other application packages on my primary server plus running some utilities and scans that should improve the performance plus updating supporting applications.

So kickback go up top and click on a link to listen to some crazy Internet Radio streaming music!

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