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Gloves Off Wild & Krazy, Sometimes Hard Core Early Evening Beats

Every once in a while… okay more than a little often, I like to just go off on a tangent and play some nice hard and just wild beats without any politically correct flavor at all!

I’m talking just letting the songs fly sometimes offensive to others so please don’t tune in if you are easily offended for the next 4 or 5 hours. Actually this may not be the station for you at all if that’s the case.
Anyhow time to let the music fly I’m dropping krazy sounds from all over the spectrum you can get hypee, rock out, dance (gigg) or just nod your head.
I’ll ease into it a bit slow heat it up smooth it out and take it in every direction genre and era wise!
I’m talking hip-hop, rock, pop or whatever else gets the blood racing!
Hook that PC up to your stereo so you can really feel this!

Tempestuous Thursday Late Night Slow Jams

On the cusp of some incoming storm fronts tonight its only proper to invite the tempestuous weather with a matching music set.

A little spicy some attitude but inviting and mellow at times making you want to be awash in the  moisture and currents.
So join me for a few hours in this stormy mix of mellow tempestuous sounds for a few hours with songs that span the genres and decades.