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Sunday Slow Jam Session Commences

Now its time to listen to soothing Slow Jams as Snakeice brings in true Gumbo mix fashion.
I actually started a while ago but have bee doing updates and system maintenance on my systems. I even updated the router to a new firmware revision today to help when load gets high.
Sit back with me while I listen to the mellow flows from the high tech Snakeice Den updating my systems and hopefully later kicking back a bit.

Now Using MP3 Lame Encoders

I was seeing one of the CPU’s getting hammered on the server side and discovered that the normal mp3 encoders I was using was pegging the CPU to 100 percent.
This is why its good to have a test system, I was thinking it was network or driver related and took a few network services I’m not yet using away from my backup sever and that did nothing. I was about to get more intrusive and switch which NIC the music streamed out and look into drivers but decided to look around the web and Spacial Audio forums for clues.
I didn’t get my exact answer but saw a mention about mp3 lame encoders. So I started up my streams on the test server and turned them off one by one and presto the mp3 encoders were the issue. I configured some mp3 LAME encoders and CPU usage went way down!
I guess the Windows codecs used by the mp3 encoders for my normal mp3 streams was the issue.
Made the same change on the production music server and CPU usage is now down to acceptable levels on the server side!
Watched a movie and then couldn’t get back to sleep so came in to test my theories, now time to get a little sleep!

Switching to another Music Server

Switching to another system to use as music server! Making the switch due to the fact that the two new servers I was going to make into web servers have 32 bit Xeon CPU’s and the current music server has 64 bit CPU’s.
This way I didn’t have to waste the 64 bit Xeon current music server on 32 bit Windows OS and I could move it to a 64 bit OS Linux platform as a web server which I am working on being a web server with stronger live multimedia streaming capabilities.
Now I can use the two systems I was configuring into web servers into my music server and backup music server fully optimizing the Windows 32 bit OS I’m using.
I’m also thinking of moving my former long running music server I moved out of service a couple of weeks ago into the role of another web server or backup web server role.
I also dug around town and found another set of rails so I could properly mount one of the new music servers the way I wanted to and added a gigabit NIC to each system to work with the onboard gigabit NIC and disable the 10/100 bit NIC onboard. I also added a soundcard to each for music preview and allowing of other input devices like microphone’s etc. Then with configuring the systems to talk to my web server, firewall, databases, etc.., I’m ready to switch over to the new music server, again!
I also introduced another music stream at a higher bit rate for you audiophiles out there @ 320kbs and will place a link on my web page at some point soon along with some new listener links and the current link reconfigured.
I will be redoing the whole site on the new web site which is my former music server I just moved off of today soon.
Ok time o switch over to the new system!

Power Failure& Database Restore All up and Bumping Again

Well I had a power failure and my systems bounced everything came up fine again except one table in my database couldn’t be repaired that showed the history of what has been played and that type of information.
I restored from a point when I brought over the database from the other system that was streaming my music last week. The restore went fine but I have to do a few updates of music tags and recreate some music categories I have recently added to the database.
al in all I wasn’t down for more than about 5 – 10 minutes with a few changes once up and running to bring everything in play.

Fixed Comment Submission Error

I fixed the comment submission error my sites were having with an addition I had added to add different comment capabilities. I had to disable this addition to get comments working again. I may revisit this addition at a later time.
Comments can now be submitted properly and you can use your logins from these services to leave a comment: Movable Type Native, OpenID, LiveJournal, Vox, Google, Yahoo!, AIM,, TypePad, Yahoo! JAPAN, livedoor, Hatena, mixi , Facebook.

More Music Stream Updates & Local Artists

This morning I updated the new server to hit the music categories to better play the music from those categories as well as setting and adding local artists category so they will play more frequently.
I also hit up Silks last night to see local artists specifically fellow Grant Pacer Alumni “CS Hardhitters” banging out their beats. Where they put on a nice bangin’ show once they got on stage along with headliners “Big Rich” and some other Hip-Hop artists from the Sactown, Stockton & the Bay.
I have to say there is a lot of unknown & unheard Hip-Hop talent out there in this region!
The local artists songs I added recently are:
Feva In Da Funkhouse (Featuring more Grant Alumni Pacer) they put on a show Thursday at “Club Avalon” here in Sacramento I missed unfortunately I was stuck working on my server but I have seen them in person and they are a must see with band, vocalist & MC’s.
I already told you about the personable “CS Hardhitters” posse tearing up the stage I saw @ Silks last night.
I also added local artists “Flossalini” from the neighborhood & “B Peezy” who were on the scene at the Silks supporting the Sactown Hip-Hop scene and promoting.