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Brief Interruption with Hi & Lo Streams Corrected

After some maintenance it seems that my router’s firmware had some issues and didn’t save all settings and had enabled my backup music systems ports as well as my production music server ports and the streams were confused. I remember making the change apparently it didn’t take and upon reboot the streams went to the wrong system from my NIC I share to the internet.
This is now corrected and all music streams from my music server are streaming properly again!

Time to Perform Some Maintenance on the Music Server

Once again adding some new songs and OS updates to the music server so I will be back shortly! I also have the Winamp stream overcome with buffer issues again and I see a new revision of this so I will update this as well.
I’m hoping to move to my new music format very soon so I’m hoping this will be one of the last times I add songs in this method since I have found a new engine that performs this much better with a better utilization of system resources.

Sample of Late Night Quiet Storm Short Slow Jams

Feels So Good    feat. Ne-Yo Remy Ma 

 There’s Something About Remy (Explicit)

So Sexy     – Olivia   
–  DJ Whoo Kid & Olivia-Olivia: So Seductive (G-Unit Radio Pt. 12)

turn da lights off      Tweet   
Its Me Again

Never Lonely    –  Bobby Valentino  
–  Bobby Valentino

Who U Wit       –  
Jagged Edge   –  
Jagged Edge

How To Deal   –  
Frankie J    – 
The One

Murder Me    –  
Ja-Rule feat. Caddillac Tah and Alexi      –  
The Last Temptation

Inside of a Gangsta   –  
Ice-T   – 
VI: Return of the Real

Dont Wait For Me     –    Morris Day & The Time

Get Down Like That    –   
Ne-Yo       – 
 In My Own Words

Southside     –    
(Feat. Ashanti) Lloyd  –

Let Me Be Your Angel     –       
Stacy Latisaw    –      
Smooth Grooves Volume 2

Like You Used To Do      –      
Anita Baker    – 
My Everything

Your Special     –     
Olivia DJ Whoo Kid & Olivia-Olivia:      –      
So Seductive (G-Unit Radio Pt. 12)

You         – 
Jesse Powell

Signs of Life (Still Searching)   –  Paul Hardcastle    
–  The Jazzmasters, Vol.


3-Way Phone Call
      –   (feat. Kelly Price, Kim Burrell and Maurice Mahon) R Kelly  –  

Happy People-U Saved Me


Slippin’ into Darkness       –     
War     –   The Best
of War and More

Call Me    –
–   Southern Hummingbird


Do You Know that I Love
    –   Donell Jones   
–    Do You Know that I Love You CD 2

What I Need          
–       Ray J    –  

Stop The Wedding           
–     Etta James  –   The Best Of
Etta James


God Must
Love U
–  Grown and Sexy


4 the rest of your life
   Eamon    –  I dont want you back


I Tried       –  
Anthony Hamilton 
    –     Comin’
From Where I’m From


Slow Jamz
    –      Ft
Kanye West and Ja Twista
Slow Jamz CDS


       –   Commodores    
–  Slow Jams 3


Un-Break My Heart
 Toni Braxton


Nice N Slow
    –    Freddie
     –    Classic Freddie

Midnite    –     Toni
    –      Libra

Poppin’     –    
Chris Brown
     –    Chris Brown


Missyou    –   
 Musiq    –     Soulstar


Unchained Melody     –    
Al Green     –    Unchained Melody

Read Your Mind – (Part II Remix)     –    
Avant     – Private Room

Sarah Smile     – Hall & Oats

Two Reasons I Cry    –  Ginuwine   
–  Ginuwine The Life

Story of my Life     –   
Frankie J
    –    The One

Until You Came    –    
Faith Evans
     –    The First Lady

With You    –     Avant
    –    Director

Speechless    –    
    –    Soulchild

Alone     –    Featuring
Dave Young  Mary J Blige
The Breakthrough

Taste Of Dis     –    Brooke
     –    Chain Letter

Day Dreaming    –     Aretha
     –     Top 100
Chillin’ R&B

You’ve Changed    –    
Keyshia Cole     –    The Way It Is

Turn Off the Light     –    Nelly
     –    Whoa, Nelly


So I Can Love You    
–    Emotions

Freeze     –   
(Feat. Lyfe Jennings) LL Cool J
Todd Smith


B-Boy In Love     –   
Mellow Man Ace     –    Escape From


all over love    
–    Eamon        
–    I dont want you back


Say You, Say Me    –  
 Lionel Richie     –   1985

Close The Door     –  

two of us    –    
 –   Its Me Again

Seasons Change     –   

(ft. John Legend Jagged Edge
Jagged Edge

Send For Me     –   
Starr Smooth Grooves
     –     A
Sensual Collection Volume 40

Where Do Broken Hearts Go     – 

Whitney Houston
     –  Whitney

T-Shirt     –  
Destiny’s Child
    –    Destiny Fulfilled

Ridge Road      –    

T-Pain      –     I’m Sprung

What About Us?      –  
     –     The Best Of

Love and War      –  

featuring Macy Gray Anthony Hamilton

Break Up To Make Up     –   



The Agony And The Ecstasy    
Smokey Robinson    
–    Top 100 Chillin’ R&B