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Flash Back Friday Evening Music

Flash Back Friday Evening Music

Flashing back to the old school with a lot of music from the era from ’80’s and ’90’s dipping occasionally into the ’60’s and ’70’s with incursions of present sounds and new millennium sounds.


Some Invisible Man’s Band, Brothers Johnson, RunDMC, Sweet Sensation, Anita Ward, Jonzun Crew and then a little bit more.


Smooth Tip Sunday Set

Smooth Tip Sunday Set

Yes its Sunday and wanted to do some sounds on the smooth tip. This doesn’t meant that these will be love songs or some quiet storm mix though that thread will flow through its just means it will be songs with that flowing wide beat and cadence like a smooth drive on a smooth street in a nice ride.


How about some Marc Staggers, Smokey Robinson, Sly & The Family Stone, Doobie Brothers, Sia, Rick James, Flying Lotus, Doug E. Fresh, Imagine Dragons, and more in that Gumbo Mix from “Snakeice’s House of beats.”


Fun Unconventional Mix of Music For Saturday

Fun  Unconventional Mix of Music For Saturday

Oooh a very unconventional Saturday ready for some inside and outside type spring cleaning which calls for some fun unconventional mix of musical genres you will only hear @ Snakeice’s House of Beats”.

We will have some really fun sounds from the ’70’s. ’80’s, ’90’s up to the present as in songs just released this past week. I have some Reggae, Rock & Roll, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and sometimes some country if the moods suits.


I have something for everyone and some music that’s is too much for others and some cuts too tame for others but eventually you will here something that will catch your set as it flows from one genre to the next.


Here is a Sample of artists who will appear in this set in no particular order: Feva N Da Funkhouse, Kool and the Gang, TLC, DJ Jerzy, Donte Robinson, Drake, Snoop, 2Pac, Marilyn Manson,


Have fun and release your mind *maniacal laugh*!!!!


Music for the Weights

Music for the Weights

Gym time and that means I have set up some head nodding music to listen while hitting those reps!

Going to be some old school like Parliament, Cheryl Lynn, Nu Shooz, Bon Jovi and some new stuff by artists like Fifth Harmony, Berner, Chris Brown & Tyga and everything in between.

You can visit my Song History link to see what has played the past 3 hours or whatever you choose or go to “Now Playing” to see a different view of what is playing or coming up or “Now Playing SJ” to see time of what is playing.