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Sunday Beats

After playing a a few hours of slow/mellow tunes earlier this morning I think its time for something upbeat on “Snakeice’s House of Beats” for the better part of the afternoon.
What does “Snakeice” play well music from past present spiced up and in some places smoothed out for a unique blend of “gumbo” tunes with various genre’s represented in various strength’s blended to the unique recipe that is “Snakeice Gumbo”!

Music Server Back in Action

I’m done with updating my music streaming software and my OS on my music server.
I first needed to back up the Mysql database that my music software uses in both online that captures the InnodeDB logs and normal mode.
Made sure I had my licenses handy just in case things went really bad and then began the update of the music software and then the OS.
Looks like everything went smooth and I had no need for the backups but I will always do those backups before some type of update like this.
Well the major wind on the updating of my music streaming software is improved encoding & sound for the Windows media player and it also offers “mp3 LAME” which I’m not using currently but may try at a later date if I think it will improve things or maybe just because its “open source”
For now everything looks to be up and running my music!