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Getting Wild on a Cold Tuesday Late Night

Feeling that old school feeling that I used to have when we used to hit the cruises with the beat ringing 5 blocks down the street with the touch of today mixed in with the sounds I used to kick on m metallic tapes back in the day when hip-hop began baby can’t you just hear these sounds coming from my ’69 Caprice, with four pair of 6×9’s 4 10 inch speakers in the back with tweeters in the dash all set up in phase with three amps or my little Suzuki Jeep with the 12″ woofers mids and huge tweeters!!!!

Winter Midnight Music From Snakeice’s House of Beats

Winter Midnight Music From Snakeice’s House of Beats

Ahh music to take me to bed all setup for the next several hours and no I will not be up for all of it but I have the music set from the ’80’s and sometimes past that age all the way to present just released songs.

Well I’m going to stretch get a glass of water and then tuck in with the music on low you can snuggle up with me pretty lady, yeah you right there.


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We’ll chill and listen to some Prince, Bobby V, Adele, Ginuwine, Billy Idol, Maysa, Norah Jones, Anthony Hasmilton, Sophie Milan, Jill Scott. 112,  Gregory Abbot, El Debarge and others.

Norah Jones at Bright Eyes at Town HallEl DeBarge (album)

Billy Idol, 2003

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Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Bobby Valentino

Cover of Bobby Valentino

English: Jill Scott Performing at the 2007 Bla...
Prince & The Revolution

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Stream Repaired and Running Strong Again

I had some issues with the software that I use to stream my music and it I would start the stream and it would quit after it played two songs. Well after quite a few different changes I narrowed down the issue by downgrading the version of software that I had been using for the last month.

I will keep an eye on this and keep it at this stable version as I test some other changes I will be making to the site hopefully soon. The next site update will be very extensive and more user friendly so stay tuned! For now the music is up and streaming just fine!