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Back up Streaming After OS Configuration

The “Snakeice House of Beats” is back up and streaming. I like monitoring my resources and had to make a change in my ILO settings to monitor my CPU settings in W2019 “Task Manager” for this to happen. My bl460c gen7 blade uses ILO3 and I went to Power Management -> Power Settings -> Power Regulator Settings -> OS Control Mode, then upon reboot I could see my CPU settings properly in W2019 “Task Manager”.

Back Streaming Sounds More Fine Tuning to Come

Well back up and running again streaming music from my new W2019 server on my bl460c gen7 c7000 blade which has a healthy 32gb of RAM and 10gbe infrastructure internally until it hits my router going out to the world then my speed is just 1gb to all of you.. I moved to having ShoutCast 2.5.1 on my new Centos 8 Linux server run with systemd that is also a bl460c gen7 blade system, with the latest IceCast relays 2.4.4 running on that server as well which I already runs under systemd since IceCast is in the Linux repositories.

The reason I now have ShoutCast running on Linux at this time is I ran into a surprise trying to go to the latest version of ShoutCast 2.6.0 running from my Windows server as I have for years. My 192kbps and 320kbps kept getting the errors about the stream having network issues and in the Windows event logs saying “Frame settings changed could cause playback problems..”. The 128kbps and 64kbps ShoutCast encoders were playing fine and so were the IceCast encoders and relays. All ShoutCast relays played over the same ShoutCast instance so that error was especially strange.

After digging around on various forums I found on Winamp\Shoutcast that Shoutcast the company had indeed disabled the bit rates above 128kbps in the Shoutcast server software unless you were using their streaming services! Well a huge part of this is to learn and keep my skills up by doing things myself and I don’t want or need to use others streaming services. I’ll give specific steps I took later as its time to hit the bed.

Looks like I need to also get paths straight to where some of my music resides as I had 2 separate drives on the other server with music. I’ll be doing some tuning up on issues like that along with picture files plus more of the background items I performed.

Rolling Over to New Streaming Server

Time to officially roll over to my new W2019 streaming server from my W2012-r2 streaming server. I need to copy the current MariaDB database, to the new system, point ports in firewall to new systems, make sure those ports are opened locally as well. I am also pointing the IceCast relays to a new Linux Centos 8 server that doubles as my Zoneminder CCTV system and one of my Plex Media servers.

Busting This Stay Home Isolation With Beats

Busting This Stay Home Isolation With Beats

Busting out beats from while doing a slew changes to my infrastructure I can finally do after getting most of the parts and getting things tested. Changes to my server infrastructure were delayed by this covid-19 stuff an taking care of some personal issues I’m still handling after my parents passed . I’ll talk about changes I made here but mostly @ .

Anyhow I’m already deep into this beat session having already played artist like, Ghostface Killah, Usher, Beastie Boys, Doja, Lil Yachty, LSD. I’m looking at artists like Will Smith, Mya, Public Enemy, Thundercat, DJ Khaled and some slow sounds with people like John Legend, Melanie Fiona, and so many more will mix in and out to match songs.