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Monday Moonshine and Mellow Music

Monday Moonshine and Mellow  Music

Been a rough Monday or a smooth let’s end this night with mellow music under the moonlight with the likes of Joss Stone, Coldplay, Toni Braxton, Sarah Vaughn, George Benson, Charlie Wilson, Diana Krall.. well you get the picture.


Kicking off Hot Sunday Evening

Kicking off Hot Sunday Evening

Finally getting to slow down this weekend (shopping, plumbing, pest control and multiple wasp stings) and will start with some standard “Snakeice House of Beats” mixed genre rough and wild moving to mellow and sultry.

Going to go with some artists like YG, Snoop Dogg, Jacka & Berner, T.I. then flow into Fantasia, Najee, TGT, Lindsey Stirling and just keep mixing and matching as appropriate.

    Music Server Back Streaming Music after Updates

    Well what just started off as a W2012 r2 security patch update ending up being a bit more. I ended up updating not only the server where I process the music, run the streaming application with it’s database and ShoutCast relays but also my IceCast relay which is Centos 7. When I saw the new kernel I also did a quick and dirty update on my Centos 7 web server I have virtualizized on XenServer since it was a quick update for a virtual system.

    As I brought up the SAM broadcasting software I use to stream the data I noticed there as a new version and I took a leap of faith and updated that as well since it had improvements with how it interacted with my MySQL database.


    In short form back up and streaming ahead at full speed on the “Snakeice House of Beats” Ship streaming service!

    System Maintenance Reboot to Install Security Patches

    Apologies for the brief music stream interruption but installing some security updates on the w2012 r2 streaming server and will be back in a few minutes. My Centos 7 web server will be up still.

    I decided to update my Centos 7  monitoring server that also acts as IceCast relay since the streaming server will be down. This  monitoring /IceCast relay server is also a separate server from the web server ans streaming music server. My ShoutCast streams are run from the W2012 r2 server.

      Hot Spread of July Summer Music

      What’s hot about this deliberate musical spread i’m about to lay out for you is that it will take you back to the old hip-hop days, through some old school rock, some funk with a few spots of smoother sounds. Will then hit you with more current tunes of all genres and move it back and forth on you until late Saturday night and then I may let it go on my scripts again which has its own special spice I mixed in that keeps it going 24 hours and surprises me all the time.

      A very Snakeice House of Beats vibe!

      Some old school:

      Boogie Boys, Sugarhill Gang, Connie, Da Brat

      Some Rock:

      Def Leppard, Accept, Jimi Hendrix

      Some Funk, Gap Band, Parliament:

      Some newer sounds sprinkled in Lorde, Big Sean, Trombone Shorty, Wale: