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Embracing the Winter Cool With Icy Smooth Servings of Harmonious Sounds

Double fisting out some winter harmony your way. I’m here to serve you that sound that hits you like that perfectly chilled drink that hits that spot just right. 

Some of the sounds will be well aged some will have that new robust flavor that explodes on your taste buds , but all in all it will all be refreshing. I’ll even spice the mix with a few holiday seasonings.
As a matter of fact I’ll pop an actual cork of some wine and sip along with the the tunes.

Hump Day Late Night Sipped Out & Chilled Sounds

Late night in the wine country of Napa/Sonoma  and doing a remote set of sounds to chill to with a nice beverage of your choosing while staring out into the night. Now if that’s not the setting for your region enjoy whatever setting you have while I serve up this smooth mix of music from multiple genre’s, kinda like a Cab mixed with Merlot and whatever that was I had earlier….