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New Music Server Switch Complete

Well I built up the new server moved over the database and pointed the configuration files and ports to the new server off of the evaluation server and the migration from old server is complete. I actually went from older server, then to evaluation server and now permanent server as of now. This is something I normally do every 2 or 3 years dependant on technology changes. I went a bit longer than normal this time so was really due for an update!

Basically I moved my SAM Broadcaster software off of an old ancient system running Xeon multi-core (not dual core) with W2003 to evaluation copy of W2012 R2 with dual Quad core Xeon CPUs server for testing then to w2012 R2 Essentials for my permanent solution also running dual Quad core Xeon CPUs with more memory on the music streaming side of the house. I continue to run my web servers with Fedora & Centos Linux flavors mostly in the virtual environment of XenServer with FreeNAS providing the storage. Now the evaluation music server which is identical will switch to music server backup.

What the new server provides is the ability to scale the way I want with double the encoders without impacting CPU or memory as on my older system. You will hear a much cleaner sound with less buffering. I also went back to using internal soundcards since the USB with 2012 r2 seemed a bit flaky but the side on this is it will also provide much better sound with the way I use SAM and better interface if I want to use items such as mikes or other inputs.

More updates coming soon on the web side of the house since the backend is stronger so stay tuned but in the mean time enjoy the updated sounds provided from my update of the music server!

Humpday Wednesday Simmering Sounds

Humpday Wednesday Simmering Sounds

We have a weltering hump day with some sweltering sounds to help you over that hump.

A little D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, CS Hardhitters, Biz Markie, Kelis, Queen then later on some more mellow sounds like Gerald Albright, Roberta Flack, K. Michelle… you get the picture.


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Sunday Around the House Music

Sunday Around the House Music

Music you can kick up on your system connected to the Internet whether you have a stereo with Internet connection, through PC with wireless headsets or stereo or through your mobile device on person or in car. Just turn it up and let me be your play list or varied sounds.


A little AMG, Rick James, Trina, The Pretty Reckless, D12, Mac Mall, Gap Band, Parliament, Dubee and more.

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