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1st Hard Driving Beatz Now Time 4 Intense songs of Luv, Lust That Bring Out The Other Passions

Throwing out hard on time beatz just thrumming through the valleys of bass beats and hitting the plateaus with the strong mids and ringing the hills with piercing highs…..
Now time to lay down some slow intense cuts that get you in that mood for a time of firm touches and intense rythyms to help forget about the time and concentrate on the power of body and heart…

Atutomatic XP SP2 Updates Reboots Music Server

I forgot to turn off the automatic install and download of XP SP2 updates and the music server rebooted on me. Woke up and didn’t see my musical gumbo of melodies being served.
Now I have gone into security settings to turn off automatic updates and set them to notify for downloads and install. I am sure that I will also have to update the number of tcp connections SP2 limits you to as well. Cannot remember off the top of my head what that setting was but I need to search my notes soon.
In the meantime I am randomizing my play list and will soon commence to pumping out the breatz through the arteries of the Internet.
I front loaded the first few songs though.

Updated Music Server To XP2 & Virus Definitions

I was working on someone else’s computer that was infected with viruses so I decided to update my Music Server and another system to XP SP2 and updated virus definitions since I had it connected to my LAN.
I have been running SP2 for several months on another system so was pretty sure it would be more benefit than any issue I would encounter. Believe it or not I had no issues but just in case I established a restore point just before the SP2 download. I should have done a full backup to my DLT but I was fully prepared to do a complete reload if necessary.
Either way back up and contributing to the reminiscing, romancing, partying, chillin’ or whatever reason you listen to music.
My website and other Linux & UNIX systems of course were not affected.