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Welcome To “Snakeice’s House of Beats” Internet Radio Stream

Make yourself comfortable and listen to some music served up from my “Den” to you. What started out as a technical project for fun and to keep technical skills up has grown. I’m still growing and working on this when I have the time and the updates will be constant.
Check out the following pages for what’s playing now, what last ten songs have played, make requests and dedications. Register to make comments on the “House of Beats” site as well as my other blogs & community sites. The store requires separate registration.

After Club Slow Jams

Just kick back and continue what you started at the club, parking lot house party or just doing the B.C. thing.
Hell even if its not that just kick back and kick it with these mellow slow jams, I’m hoping you wouldn’t need any help in the other areas anyway but either way enjoy the slow jams as part of you environment.
Playlist & Requests/Dedications

Doing it 70’s & 80’s DJ Slow Jam Style

Hell I’m going to do it like the old time DJ’s of the ’70’s & ’80’s who actually had style. Setting the mood as they told you how many candles they lit, what they sipped and the challis they sipped out of while laying out the sounds.
Only I’m doing with a wider breadth of music from all era’s genres and getting the tempo up down, the mood contemplative, then passionate and possibly relaxing.
Oh and what am I setting the mood with?
I’m burning “Egyptian Musk Oils” in two burners, one with heads of colorful Egyptian Princesses of old and the other burner of oil & water being held up by 3 Pharaoh’s. The flames are flickering across my walls as a gentle summer late night California breeze comes into my patio door and heat the oils as they spread the gentle aroma.
I’m drinking “Gentlemen Jack whisky which has a light smooth feel and taste and taste lying back on my rugs in my den.
That’s the Snakeice Den setup tonight, what’s your setup?