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Power Issue, Web site & Music Server

Was using my saw in my garage and that interrupted power for that area of the house and when I went to try to pop the circuit breaker I also tripped the circuit breaker for the computer room.
After power was restored to the computer room the configuration on my second router seemed hosed so I had to end up resetting it back to factory defaults and then set it all up again. I had to change the local ip.address of the router so it would not conflict with my other router since I have two LAN’s and two separate static ip.addresses.
I also had some processor and NIC issues with my music server. Now I have to wait for the Music Server software to initialize and then check the play lists and allow that to re-sync and make sure I have the appropriate ports forwarded for the music.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgivings Day stay around listen to some beats and enjoy. I haven’t created a special play list for today but still an all around mix of that “Gumbo Mix” of music I put out.
Kick back to some American music with a bit of funk, a tinge of sultriness, some naughtiness, sprinkles of goofiness, something to sit back and chill to or even to drink wine with. Its all hear in one huge mix…..Enjoy!

Working the Kinks Out…

Trying to find out why my postings are not showing………
Found out why the posts were not showing I stomped all over some code it seems…
Oh well it’s a learning experience. I actually looked at the code in my “main Blog” and created a “test blog” to help me figure this out.
Basically it was easier to tear down and start again especially since I have saved most files elsewhere and I can just pick and choose from the good and bad files.
Now the trick is will the posts display properly with my station site involved as a frame….this time!

Welcome To My Internet Radio Blog

This is my second blog on my site but this one is dedicated to those who listen or have dropped by to listen to music I play over the internet.
I want this to be a very interactive site.
Request songs give shout out’s to your peeps whatever you feel express your self!!
Just say hello and let me know you were here I’ll get back with you though I needs some rest I’ve been up working on this behind the scenes as well as a few other site related upgrades so Holla Back!!