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Snakeice Summer Saturday Beats

Snakeice Summer Saturday Beats

Have some gardening to do and with my new setup listening to some music low outside in the backyard. I will continue to listen after I’m done with the garden and ready to relax with a cool drink escaping into that cool spot. You can listen to what I’m throwing out as well a little heat, a little mellow and lots of spice.

a Little Popcaan, Paul Hardcastle, Pussycat Dolls, Joshua Redman, Rodney O’ & Joe Cooley, Taylor Made, D-Lo, Body Count, The Jacka and more.

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Fixed Song Requests at Snakeice’s House of Beats

Well after switching the backend server I also needed to fix “Song Requests” which I didn’t know was not working until I tried it remotely. So I thought I just had to allow the proper port to talk to the new server but of course it’s never that simple.

I had to add some systems to the white list for when they land on my site and make song requests. Well that didn’t do it either and everything looked great on the new server so then went down the line and finally saw a nice little entry in the system logs of my web server about Selinux. I did a test without Selinux involved and then the request of course went through so now made the appropriate edits into the all the systems as well as the router and requests are working just the way they are supposed to.


Here is the music requests site: