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Music Server Mid-Day Maintenance of Music Server

Music Server Mid-Day Maintenance of Music Server

The “Music Serve” is having a few issues and I just happened to be here when it happened when it happened on a day off from work supposedly on vacation.
Seems my music software froze up. While I’m taking care of that issue I am also taking the time to add a few songs to the mix and some needed OS updates.
I will be back really soon. This hasn’t happened often but the amount of time it takes for my music to sync when adding new songs or moving songs around to change the order is one reason why I will be switching to a new “Music Streaming” DJ oriented software.
The new software will also give a lot of other capabilities especially with a large collection of music like I have it uses a real database so its easier to setup special sets of music easier instead of having to parse the whole directory structure eating up CPU.

Anyway I will be back to streaming music very soon!!

Winamp Glitch Fixed Music Streaming To Shoutcast

It Looks like Winamp was overcome with some buffering issues or some other issues and was not streaming to the Shoutcast server servers properly. Well that issue has been fixed and it’s now up and streaming again.
This is not the first time this has happened in the last month since upgrading to Winamp version 5.42. I’m wondering if there is some memory leak or just after a while it reaches a point where it cannot handle the buffering, it took a really long way to kill the application just so I could get it started again.
Oh well the main thing is that Winamp is streaming again to Shoutcast and the regular stream never went down.
I’m also getting closer to the new style stream and web site I just have to get my computer room straight to get elbow room before building my new Web server and rebuilding another system and then configuring the new web server & music setup…stay tuned its coming very soon!