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Getting Back Body and Mind into Phase Groove

Getting Back Body and Mind into Phase Groove

Putting this set of music just thrown together for its energy without much thought but that! I need to get my body back in phase and it’s about bringing all parts together which creates a whole uniform efficient machine much like this music.

Never been this out of shape but I know how to attack this!

Join me listening to this music as I test my body to figure how I focus on each body region to bring the whole in line.

Will have artists like Def LeppardWale, Cellski, Lenny Kravitz, The Egyptian Lover, Beenie Man and much more!

2018 Multi-Faceted Musical Genre First Take

2018 Multi-Faceted Musical Genre First Take

Just as the title suggests a 2018 first take of a mixture of genre’s, I know not much different than what is mainly on my station but trying to pair in some cases different genres with similar types of songs of other genre’s from different musical eras.


Ah well something to listen to while I get the clutter out the house you can join me in listening by going to:

Selecting the music players I embedded into the web pages:


You can also place one of the following into a web browser:




Artist like “The Gap Band”, Expose, Linkin Park, U2, Metallica, Big Sean, Foo Fighters, Atlantic Star, Lil Yachty and so much more…