The last set of music for a Sunday in 2021 and it will be of course be multi-layered with different genres an beats of various eras. This is the “Snakeice House of Beats Gumbo Mix” a set of rock and roll, old school R&B, into Reggae, pop music, for upbeat sections and jazz, soul, blues, even country for some mellow moments. 

Going to have something to work out (what I will initially be doing) to or just bop around the house with plus some laid-back tunes. I will mix in quite a bit on the fly as I hear certain songs and think of something that fits just right with them. 

A sample of artist are: Alicia Keys, Boo Ya Tribe, Bob Marley, Chevelle, Just Ice, Rhye, Lil ½ Dead, Arlo Parks etc.