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Flying Off The Handle With Wilding Out Songs

Until I get a bit more settled in at my new place and I get this new place rented I’m still running my web server and music server at my old place.
Well the electrical municipality decided to turn off my power in the old house because no one lives there currently! Well I still own the place and I’m making repairs until I rent it out and they turned off the power without notifying me!
Well thanks to my former neighbors for calling me to tell me they were in the process of doing this I got the power back on the next day! Even though my neighbor told them that I definitely have been over making repairs they turned it off. I have a pool in this place so turning off the power is not an option so I never told them to turn it off!
We all make mistakes but the truly incompetent don’t admit it and really screw things up in a special way.
So I want to say this to the thoughtless and incompetents and A$$ kissers who don’t get anything done all over the world F&% YOU!
Time to get buck wild with the full Snakeice repertoire of beats from the vault of all the genres I bang. As always I will start a bit slow and then heat this mother up!
I dedicate this to the true tried and blue hard core Mother F#@ers out there and you don’t have to be criminal to be in that mix!