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Why Snake Ice’s Internet Stream of Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rock & Pop?

As you notice at the top I have all types of music from the 1950’s till the present. I am always adding the current hits then mix them in with the music of the past and serve it up right. Sit back and relax you will hear something you haven’t heard before from the past or is a current release.
I don’t just play the songs that they play on the radio. I never have been one to listen to the pop radio stations to determine my musical tastes. I have always listened to the funkier cuts on the albums that they didn’t play. I’m not down with jocking artist like some and could care less what they do with their personal life and try to read every magazine or watch some TV show on their life I’m just down with the music. That’s all you get here music pure and simple.
Just play the music through your Computer and pipe into your stereo like I do in my house while you work or play. Hey just grab your favorite beverage and just chill.

Site Availability Issues Resolved ???

Finally after insuring that my funky setup of routers and hubs and wires with my mix of systems was correct I went and finally connected with someone at my ISP and found that my MAC address was connected to more than one ip.address! They corrected that on their end and on my end I placed my WAN to hub to different routers that carry my static IP’s and web pages and music served up nicely!
My ISP is still coming out to investigate packet drops tomorrow. I really do like my ISP though and I’m not being sarcastic. They respond well they don’t lie or blow you off, mistakes happen and things just stop working but this happens less with this company and when it does they take care of it the best they can. Now this is coming from someone who has had an internet account without interruption except technical issues since 1993.
Enjoy the music and drop a line or comment.

Nautilus File Manager Eating Memory on Web Server Making It Sluggish

I had left some file manager windows open on my Linux web server for a few days and they were consuming my memory. I only had two file manager windows open! I’m using the Gnome desktop and the file manager’s name is Nautilus. I just recently started using the file manager in Linux. Nice point and click and I can get around with the mouse only while doing something on another system. I always end up doing all my file manipulation with the standard UNIX type commands I know but was liking the idea of navigating just to look at what files were in a specific directory.
What happened was I noticed that updating the blog was slow as well as just navigating to my site pages. The first thing you do of course is login on the web server to run the “top” command. Well CPU was just fine. I then figured it must be memory. Now since I have been playing mainly with HPUX the last few years I started running commands like “swapinfo” and they just were not there. I then brought up the system monitor and looked at the list of processes and bingo there was “nautilus” hogging up all of the memory. I then shutdown the file manager windows forcibly and memory issue resolved therefore sluggish web server issue resolved! Now to look for some updates on this “nautilus” or find another file manager or perhaps try another desktop like “KDE” instead of “Gnome”
This incident also further reminds me I need to build another or upgrade this web server

Memorial Day Beats

I want to dedicate this weekends beats to the people who have fought the wars for democracy and freedom.
I also want to remember those who fought and died in this country for civil rights as well as those who fight everyday without proper representation but still refuse to sell out. This applies to those in the street, corporate, or entrepreneur status.
Realize you don’t have to walk or talk a certain way to be a fighter you don’t have to have grown up in a certain neighborhood or gone through specific things out of your control but when you keep your voice and action righteous and firm you are doing something. Also realize that is you fail in the little things you will fail in the so called big test don’t fool yourself you always have to be strong, not brittle but strong and supple able to adjust and fight in all situations mental or physical.